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At eYeka, we live and breathe conversations between brands and consumers. So we could not hide our pleasure to discover Doug William’s « Social Co-Creation » Forrester report, which we feel strongly echoes to Tamara Barber’s « How Can Market Researchers Get Social?” report which was exploring how market researchers can harness social media and tools.

With the advent of social media, and the dramatic changes in the way we interact with each other, consumer expectations towards brands, products and services has significantly evolved. Marketers, market researcher professionals, product strategy professionals are realizing this shift and are starting to leverage social tools to better understand consumers and involve them in their innovation process. As Doug writes, « Through a combination of listening and embracing, companies can understand what unmet needs exist in the market today, recognize where current products are coming up short, tap the wisdom of the crowd to test ideas, and develop relationships with engaged consumers to drive new concepts into the market« .

In his report, Doug Williams coins the « social co-creation » term and defines co-creation as « the act of involving consumers directly, and in some cases repeatedly, in the product creation or innovation process« . And Tamara defines « social market research » as « The use of social media and tools to gain increased access to and insights from a company’s target segment in a way that adds value and depth to the researcher’s overall responsibility as an expert on the voice of the customer« .

But who’s who in social co-creation and social market research?

We decided to get a first shot at mapping out the players in these nascent practices. One of the key criteria we used to select who should be in this map was to focus on companies who actually engage in two-way conversations between brands and consumers to drive innovation and insights. For example, we did not include social listening tools as they mainly focus on… listening.

Obviously, this is a first version, and we probably missed a lot of people there! So in a co-creation spirit, we would welcome your feedback to enrich and update this document.

The eYeka team

About indre

As Marketing & Evangelization Manager, Indre was one of the thinking heads of eYeka, and allowed us to be on the forefront of co-creation and Innovation topics. Indre studied sociology and communication, is a keen jazz musician, and now works in qualitative market research in Paris.
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3 Responses to Social Co-creation map

  1. Sabina says:

    I really love the social co-creation map you created! Unfortunately, many of the logos are hard to read. Is there any way you can send me a copy or different version of the map? A list of the companies would work too! Thanks.

  2. indre says:

    Hello Sabina,

    Thanks for your message. Please find this map here:

    If you want more information, please contact us.

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